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Whether Fake ID Scanners
are Worth It

Fake ID scanners can really help show bouncers and other users whether the ID they are scanning is a fake. The ID card reader displays and records the data saved on your ID card. That mostly is date of birth, name, their address ID card’s expiration date. This helps to show whether a patron is of age, but if you take a look and compare the data on the screen with the data on the ID you can usually see whether it is a fake if the information doesn’t match. The magnetic barcode on the everyday state ID contains the exact birth date, name and other important information. It should match what is printed on the card.

Usually to make a fake ID, fake ID makers buy in bulk pre-encoded cards to save some money. With these cards, they put in different information to match the information of the person that is looking to use it. It is a lot more difficult to save information on the card’s magnetic strip, so usually these two pieces of information do not match, but it will still scan in the ID scanner. These are called “scannable” fake IDs, as they will scan in a machine but the information will not match what is on the card.

An identification card scanner makes it easy for a door guy to check the data stored on the identification card itself. As long as the user compares the information on the card with the information in the machine, it will be a lot easier to see if the ID card is a fake or not. If used properly, this is a great tool for spotting false ID cards. However if it is not used properly, it won’t really help find fake IDs. The user can also check other security features such as holograms, pictures and UV flashlights to see if it is a fake or not.

One thing that fake ID scanners do not do that many people think they do is register with the official state database. Regardless of how good the scanner is, it wont register whether it is an official ID number or not because these databases are actually not available for use by the general public. One final note – always do research before you buy a machine of this kind. There are always scammers out there, so as long as you know what you are buying, then you should be getting a legitimate ID scanner that will help you spot fake IDs!

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